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All these were taken from the Ask Me Anything page of Idejder on Reddit.
I chose the best questions for one of the game developers involved in 2010's 2nd most awaited game release, Heroes of Newerth. (Blizzard's StarCraft 2 is #1 presuming they release this year)

Due to popular demand, let me present to you Ask Idejder #1.

Who is Idejder?

Game Designer for S2 Games working on Heroes of Newerth.

I do game balance, map tweaks/creation, hero creation, game scripting, community involvement, and helping decision making behind the scenes. I was hired near the beginning of beta and have worked with the other designer Fielding since then.

I script in XML and can read C++ code well enough to decipher how things work from reading our source code when I need to do complex things for heroes.
What did you do previously before your position at S2? Have you worked on games before? What kind of game programming education do you have? How old are you?

Firstly I am 25.

26 in March.

This is my first title and before I worked at S2 I was a Game Design student (along with a partial Biomedical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Biology, Chemistry Major. Woo changing a lot!) I don't have much programming experience but I don't need much to do what I do.

Did you play DotA at all before being hired for HoN? Did it affect your want to work with S2 Games?
Yes I played DotA for a long long time before playing HoN and then getting hired. It effects me in the way that I know what the overall goal of the project is before I even had to read anything. To capture and grow that awesome feeling you have while playing a DotA/HoN style game.

Dota and HoN should not be competitors but should complement each other. How will S2 games maintain a healthy relationship with the Dota community and will you be working with icefrog in the future?

We have a huge amount of respect for Icefrog and have been in communication with him plenty. Just having that mutual respect I think is a huge part of a healthy relationship with the game that created a whole genre.

Really it comes down to the players, though. We can do all we can but it's hard to stop that "one sided" mentality people have.

What can you say about the Dota based games genre? Do you think HoN can attract gamers who have never played DotA? With that tough learning curve and all? And what is S2 doing to help flatten that curve?
* I think the genre as a whole is just starting and is prepared to explode into a pretty huge mainstream gaming thing.
* I do think it will attact gamers who never played DotA because of the ease of getting into it, the great layout/graphics, and the upcoming tutorial.
* Tutorial. :)

Can you lead us through a typical day for you? Is it just 12 hours of staring at a screen? or is it more talking with the other devs about bugs and how to fix them? Or just a non-stop HoN game session?

Also, on that note. How often Do you play HoN in the office? and How the hell do your bosses allow that?
* Days vary completely but mostly always include hours infront of a computer doing something. Sometimes I sit/lay/sit-upside-down on the couch in our office to talk about stuff or brainstorm. Sometimes I nap on said couch. Sometimes I just turn on music on the speakers and work on a map editor all day. grumble... cliffs... grumble
* I play HoN at least daily. I say least because sometimes it several games a day at random hours. And my direct boss plays as well, sometimes he comes to work and plays a game a HoN before he does anything else. Just cause.

Fun fact: Idejder is Red Jedi inverted.

Wanna get in the Heroes of Newerth beta to try this game out?
Get in through the Heroes of Newerth Updates' Facebook page.

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