Starcraft 2 No LAN announcement a marketing ploy?

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A few days ago, rumors started flying out that Blizzard will not have LAN support for Starcraft 2.
And now it's been confirmed by a Blizzard representative.

But of course, majority of the players who buy Blizzard games are enraged?
No LAN?!? Insane!

Here's what Karune (Community bigshot) had to say:

For me personally- I loved LAN parties, but the direction in which is headed, I would always choose to play on > 99% of the time and even if for whatever reason I did decide to lug my computer to a friend's house in this day of age (<1%),>
I think a No LAN Starcraft 2 announcement is just a marketing ploy.
Starcraft 2 is currently in heavy development and they haven't entered the beta stages yet.
All those previews and videos you've been seeing are still part of the Alpha phase and one way to prevent a lull and maintain hype for the game is to make a shocking announcement here and there.

But of course, nothing beats potential customer feedback.
Disgruntled Starcraft gamers have already started creating online petitions.

You can join the petition to enable LAN here:

- While many of your fans might have internet access with the required speed to play without lag, there are still many that don't, or would like to play with a friend or sibling residing in the same house. LAN is NOT an expensive upgrade, and once you have it, it's yours. Internet is something that you have to pay for every month, and in a bad month you might choose to buy groceries instead of paying for the internet.

- LAN is what birthed SC popularity in the first place. Please don't ignore the heritage of the original game.

- Using LAN is a little bit of freedom. Often you might be at a friend's place with the only option to ad hoc the wireless connections instead of using internet, excluding the gaming possibility.

- There are little to no ill effects in implementing LAN compared to the advantages. The piracy rate of people actually interested in the game would be negligible. Just look at SC1 now. Even with a laggy, it is still selling so well that it once again reached top-10 on the NPD charts a decade after its release!

-Having LAN functionality in the game makes it feel you have more freedom of choice. You can choose to be part of the greater community, or you can choose to just play with one or two friends. LAN is a vital part of what makes StarCraft so great, and what will make StarCraft II even greater. Sometimes you don't have to use a function in order to appreciate having it there. It's the sort of freedom we have come to expect from Blizzard Entertainment.
Bookmark this page and open it up when Starcraft 2 is released.
You'll see I'm right. There will be Multiplayer LAN support for Starcraft 2.

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Island Souvenirs PI Apparel Wear Your Pride

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If you've seen all those Philippine pride shirts around, you must have been wondering where these cool Pinoy shirts were bought.

If the shirts you're looking for cannot be found at Penshoppe, 3 Stars & a Sun or Team Manila, chances are the shirts you're looking for belong to the Island Souvenirs Philippine Islands ( P.I. ) clothing line.

Wear Your Pride!
And wear your Filipino pride indeed with these good looking shirts.

Gabby Alipe of Urbandub sings the national anthem with stoic pride.

Kris Janson of Miss Cebu rocks the Hero of Mactan shirt.

And oh yeah, these shirts come relatively cheap with a price range of 230 to 380 pesos.

Wear an authentic Adidas Philippine Track jacket with any of these shirts and you'll absolutely look real cool.

PI Apparel is on Facebook. The other shirt designs are there.

Garena Philippines Switches to Latest Warcraft Patch

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Garena Philippines has had a long problem with cafe users who have been stuck using the old Warcraft TFT 1.20e patch. But just recently, the administration of PH Garena have finally turned hard line by mandating that the latest Warcraft Frozen Throne patches should be used.

Since DotA AllStars has updated to DotA v6.60, it is only natural for Garena to use the latest patches released by Blizzard Entertainment to minimize maphacks, cheats, bugs, and collided DotA maps.

So if you are from the Philippines and wonder why you cannot see any hosted/created games or maps on your Warcraft LAN games, then you must be using an old and obsolete Warcraft patch.

To fix this problem, just update your Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne version.
Download the Warcraft Version Switcher now.

I will be posting patch installation guides as soon as possible.

Google Philippine Flag Logo June 12

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I'm pretty sure many Filipino Internet users will be looking for this soon so that's why I posted this very interesting logo that Google Philippines had in store for us.

This is their creative rendering of the Google ph logo for June 12, 2009.
For those who are not aware, June 12 in the Philippines is called the Araw ng Kalayaan which translates to "Day of Independence"

The Philippine flag is composed of 3 stars, a sun and the color blue over red.
Each has a symbolic meaning which will be explained below:

3 stars = 3 main geographical divisions of the Philippines which are Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

8 ray sun = 1st 8 provinces that joined the Philippine revolution
These are the provinces of: Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Manila, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, and Bataan

For those who didn't pay attention to their Philippine history classes: the flag's colors can actually be inverted during times of war (red on top and blue below)

You learn something new each day huh. hehe

If ever you watch a Philippine revolution war film, always expect a scene to go like this:

Individual voice by Skiverz: Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!
Crowd: MABUHAY!!!!

Please don't feed this country to the dogs on the 2010 Elections.
Vote for the candidates who would bring this nation to greatness.

Oops... before I forget...
Meron pala akong gustong ihandog sa inyo mga binibini at ginoo.
Ito ang Movement.
Marami kang matutunan dyan. Pangako yan, kapatid.