Google Morse Code Logo April 27

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If you visited Google's website back in April 27, you may have noticed that Google's logo was like this.

Actually it's their rendering of the GOOGLE logo into Morse code.
The Morse code was named after Samuel Morse, the guy who invented it.
His birthday was back in April 27, 1791.

As you guys might have noticed, Google has this habit of changing logos that suit a particular event related to that date.

Good stuff!
*I wanna learn the Morse code. =)

Garena Philippines - Local Tambayan for Gamers

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Hamachi, Zion, PldtPlay, BattleNet, UCPro are so yesterday.
Garena - the worldwide leading gaming platform has embraced the Filipino gaming community much more with the launch of their Philippine Garena community.

By serving the thousands of Filipinos who play DotA, Fufu Ninja, Elimination Tournament, Left4Dead, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Starcraft (and just about any LAN game I could think of), Garena has now made it's mark on Philippine gaming history.

Come join our kababayans at

Selecta Gold Series

No grocery is complete without passing by the frozen section and so it happened just like any grocery day. At that time, I was craving for some of McDo's caramel sundae. 25 pesos for a small cup? Bitin. As my mind was thinking of these frozen delights, a black pint catches my attention. It is black and gold to be exact and screams luxury. I closely examine the packaging- Selecta Gold series.

The Selecta Gold series comes in 3 flavors.
Hazelnut? Too fancy.
Chocolate? Too common.
Strawberry - Aah! Perfect.

I glance at the little carton on top of the shelf and immediately focus on the strawberry notes. Apparently, the creator is J. Gamboa of Cirkulo - the actor? lol.
Berry Strawberry is luxuriously yummy. It's so creamy and I love the strawberry bits.
Ice cream indeed has come a long way.

P.S. Jollibee should bring back the old strawberry sundae.

Do not take up Nursing

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Do not take up nursing!

Fresh graduate, you may be wondering what to take up right now for college. When I was your age, I found myself in that situation. Fresh out of high school, I absolutely had no sense of direction whatsoever. What I had were people hyping a course called Nursing.

They were claiming it was the practical course to take. These people were saying that Nursing would assure you a job abroad. But this my friends is fallacy. And by the time I realized that I was halfway through my course... A course I simply had no passion for.

I was in college wasting my time and my parents' money on a course I thought I would gradually learn to love but never did. I've graduated and so have thousands of Filipinos. There are not enough job opportunities. By the simple law of supply and demand, there is an oversupply of nurses in the Philippines. DOLE knows that, the PNA knows that, even educational institutions like the University of the Philippines have proven that.

So unless you truly want to be a nurse to serve the sick and the needy and not just because of those dreams of making money. You don't have to take up Nursing. Forget those "advices" by those misguided peers. Do not be pressured by those seemingly unchangeable orders of your parents. It's your choice!

Are you at the brink of insanity in choosing the course for you? Pray to God.