Nicole Uysiuseng CANDY Cover for Jan-Feb 09

Last night, while I was browsing through the net, a banner showing Candy Magazine's newest issue quickly caught my eye.

"This month's covergirl looks cute," I said to myself and I wondered who it could be...
Till I read the fine print...
"candy loves NICOLE UYSIUSENG"

The name sounded eerily familiar and so I quickly did a search on Google and voila!
She's the girl from Cebu who joined this local pseudo-reality TV show.
Oh! That Nicole!

Anyways, since the articles splashed on the front did not sound that bad, I quickly made up my mind to get a copy.

I went to the nearest mall this morning and I was disappointed to find all 5 bookstores had marked this issue "OUT OF STOCK."

What the hell...

So, I called up the local distributor and got a tip where to find probably the last copy of this issue sold on the stands.

I'm going there tomorrow.

Nicole Uysiuseng is the CANDY Covergirl for the January - February 2009 issue!
Feast your eyes! haha.

P.S. They should create a CANDY mag counterpart for teenaged guys.
Cute girls on the cover, interesting articles and no sleazy content.

Yahoo Answers Philippines Pranksters

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Yesterday, while surfing the web, I came across this question regarding Bench Fix on Yahoo Answers.

No need for me to go on typing, just view the attached pic.
Click to enlarge...

To view the original "RESOLVED QUESTION", go to:

Filipino in Skittles Commercial

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Hehe... this one has been shown on national TV.
*Wondering if they'll be showing it back in the Philippines.

Anyways here's the script:

White guy sees the 3rd reflection eating Skittles.

White guy: Wait... I'm not eating... Skittles...

*Thai looks at the mirror

Thai Tailor: Hey! Don't eat while you're working.
Filipino in the Mirror: Eh. Nagugutom ako eh
Thai Tailor: I have to tell you again, dummy.
Filipino in the Mirror: Nagugutom na ako di kakain na ako
Thai Tailor: Youre so lazy!

Epic Argument occurs.

Filipino: P*tang Ina, itong gusto ko (SPARTAN KICKS the mirror)

*shocked faces by the Latino and black.