Friendster is now back online

Everyone was like saying... "Let's switch to Facebook."

But thank God, is back.

Here are the reasons by the Friendster administration why their site went down.

Friendster admin named ex said:

There was a building-wide power outage at the QTS / Globix data center in Sunnyvale, California, USA where Friendster’s servers are co-located, along with about 50 other customers. As a result, the memory caching of data was affected. Since Friendster has 85M users, the cache is talking a considerable amount of time to build. Once the cache has been completely built, all friends will re-appear.

Frequently asked questions during the Friendster crisis.

What happened to my friends?
Currently, the number of friends in the friends list is being displayed incorrectly.

Are my friends lost permanently?
No. The data for all friend connections is intact and is not lost.

When can this be fixed?
Friendster is currently working on this problem and we hope to have this fixed within 24 hours.

Can I still add friends while the problem has not yet been fixed?
Yes, users can still add new friends and use other features of the site.

How to Buy Adidas Philippines Track Jacket

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Sorry you can't get one these rare babies in the Adidas store these days.

1) They're sold out.
2) The Philippine government banned them. (lol)

So how can I get that cool jacket?!?

You're gonna have to contend with either
a) buying ONLINE (prepare to shell out the big bucks!)
b) or getting a copy of it. (oops. I'm not endorsing...) hehe...

So for those peeps who want to see what the craze is all about, I hereby present to you the Philippine Flag jacket by Adidas.

Friendster is on maintenance

Whenever is down / offline, this message always pops off:

Temporary Maintenance

Thank you for visiting Friendster. While our goal is to give you 24-hour access to Friendster, from time to time, we need to do maintenance to ensure you have the best possible experience. We will be back online shortly.

But for the last 2 days, it has been DOWN and out.
What's wrong with

Have their servers been attacked?
Is Friendster losing money?

Remember, Friendster loses advertising with each ticking second.
They should put the site back on ASAP or else they'll lose MAJORITY of their users to MySpace and Facebook.

Could this be the end of Friendster as we know it?!

That Asian market domination could be a thing in the past if it continues to be down for a few more days.

Good luck on the Friendster team.

Barack Obama wins the presidency

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As expected, Barack Obama has won the presidency showing us that the majority of US citizens are indeed intelligent voters.

Congratulations Obama!
We have high hopes for you around the world.

Obama should win!

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I hope Barack Obama Wins! Few more hours before the election...