Friendster Mobile Updates Spamming my Phone

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Why am I receiving Friendster updates on my mobile phone EVEN IF I did not sign up for the service? Chances are, you are having the same problem.

For the past few days, I have been receiving unnecessary Friendster Bulletin Updates on my Globe handyphone. It's annoying plus they are charging me for it.
Tsk tsk...
This started happening a few days after I reloaded my prepaid account with 300 pesos and quickly saw my remaining balance vaporize into thin air.
Yup, thanks to their Friendster mobile I did not sign up for.

Anyways, to solve this problem, I came upon this solution.
Just point your web browsers to
That's for the mobile version of Friendster which many see as a failed attempt to hold the Asian market, particularly the Philippines.

They send you spam. You get charged for it.
By the way, I've finally signed up for Facebook.
I personally don't like Facebook's layout, but hey at least they haven't sent me spam... (so far)

To continue the solution...
After you are able to log-in the mobile version of Friendster, quickly scroll down to the Menu called TEXT ALERTS.

Click it then Uncheck everything.
And click NO under the Receive text messages option.

Hope I helped.
Feel free to comment or ask a question and Skiverz will show you how to go about it.

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