Nicole Uysiuseng CANDY Cover for Jan-Feb 09

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Last night, while I was browsing through the net, a banner showing Candy Magazine's newest issue quickly caught my eye.

"This month's covergirl looks cute," I said to myself and I wondered who it could be...
Till I read the fine print...
"candy loves NICOLE UYSIUSENG"

The name sounded eerily familiar and so I quickly did a search on Google and voila!
She's the girl from Cebu who joined this local pseudo-reality TV show.
Oh! That Nicole!

Anyways, since the articles splashed on the front did not sound that bad, I quickly made up my mind to get a copy.

I went to the nearest mall this morning and I was disappointed to find all 5 bookstores had marked this issue "OUT OF STOCK."

What the hell...

So, I called up the local distributor and got a tip where to find probably the last copy of this issue sold on the stands.

I'm going there tomorrow.

Nicole Uysiuseng is the CANDY Covergirl for the January - February 2009 issue!
Feast your eyes! haha.

P.S. They should create a CANDY mag counterpart for teenaged guys.
Cute girls on the cover, interesting articles and no sleazy content.

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