Filipino in Skittles Commercial

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Hehe... this one has been shown on national TV.
*Wondering if they'll be showing it back in the Philippines.

Anyways here's the script:

White guy sees the 3rd reflection eating Skittles.

White guy: Wait... I'm not eating... Skittles...

*Thai looks at the mirror

Thai Tailor: Hey! Don't eat while you're working.
Filipino in the Mirror: Eh. Nagugutom ako eh
Thai Tailor: I have to tell you again, dummy.
Filipino in the Mirror: Nagugutom na ako di kakain na ako
Thai Tailor: Youre so lazy!

Epic Argument occurs.

Filipino: P*tang Ina, itong gusto ko (SPARTAN KICKS the mirror)

*shocked faces by the Latino and black.


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