Korean Starcraft 2 Account For Christmas

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So I recently got a Korean Starcraft 2 account thanks to RTS Dealer and it has been a blast.

Korean Starcraft 2 players generally have higher APMs and are really good at copying builds from the GSL / other major Korean Starcraft 2 pros.

Even the Silver league players play better than Platinum players in the US and SEA servers.

Thanks to rtsdealer for helping me get a Korean Starcraft 2 account.

Here's a list why you should get a Korean SC2 account for 59 dollars:
(Thanks Team Liquid)

From Najda:
The KR ladder is worth it a lot more for me because I respect my opponents a lot more and I don't auto assume I'm better than them, so therefore I play better and improve faster.
From DoubleDouble:
Theres something about KR that brings out the best in you. you are forced to learn to micro very well, a lot of early game pressure, and a lot of butthole clenching in the early to mid game. gold league players are playing at 100+ apm almost every game. i played a game where 2 stalkers killed a ridiculous amount of my marines. i was shocked, watched replay/sc2gears and he had 300 effective apm during that battle. my marine micro, although not the best, is enough for any other toss my level in masters NA.

i feel like KR is where the metagame shifts begin because most the strats are made there. i remember fighting ling/infestor into ultras against almost every single zerg on KR while every zerg on NA was stuck with their standard lingblingmuta tvz.
From ReaperX:
You will be so solid that no cheese on any other ladder will suffice, you will actually laugh your heart out at how badly and poorly executed some cheeses are. I'm serious.
From scph:
Get a taiwanese account. It's worth playing on the taiwanese/korean server just because it helps expand your knowledge and improve your gaming mentality. Doesn't matter if you're bronze, silver, gold, plat or higher, don't listen to all this BS that lower level leagues all play the same. You grow up as an individual influenced by your environment, likewise, your growth in playing sc2 is directly influenced by who you play the game with. Play with koreans, play like the koreans.
To start playing on the Korean Starcraft 2 ladder, my advice will be to contact RTSDealer via Team Liquid and he'll help you get one.

Helpful Guide:
Installing the Korean / Taiwanese SC2 client

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Wow! Thanks. Just got my Korean SC2 account. Got it right off the bat. :)

Posted on February 7, 2012 at 3:49 PM  

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