Starcraft 2 Free To Play Weekend

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The SEA and ANZ servers will be having a Free Play Starcraft 2 Weekend.

Starcraft 2 Free Play Date: November 19-21, 2010

Everyone can play Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty for FREE!

This is one of Blizzard Entertainment's attempts to boost the Starcraft 2 playerbase in the region.

To create a account, you can go to:

Additional information about Starcraft II game cards:
To stimulate the relatively low number of Starcraft 2 players in the SEA region, Blizzard Entertainment has introduced the Starcraft 2 game cards.

Starcraft 2 Region Prices
Hong Kong and Macau
8 HKD 3-day pass
16 HKD 7-day pass
55 HKD 30-day pass
30 HKD DVD Starter Kit With 7-day Pass

10,000 IDR 3-day pass
20,000 IDR 7-day pass
70,000 IDR 30-day pass
35,000 IDR DVD Starter Kit With 7-day Pass

3.50 MYR 3-day pass
7 MYR 7-day pass
25 MYR 30-day pass
12 MYR DVD Starter Kit With 7-day Pass

50 PHP 3-day pass
100 PHP 7-day pass
350 PHP 30-day pass
170 PHP DVD Starter Kit With 7-day Pass

1.50 SGD 3-day pass
3 SGD 7-day pass
10.50 SGD 30-day pass
5 SGD DVD Starter Kit With 7-day Pass

35 THB 3-day pass
70 THB 7-day pass
250 THB 30-day pass
120 THB DVD Starter Kit With 7-day Pass
You can also check out this great alternative to Starcraft II called Heroes of Newerth.
Garena HoN is a FREE to PLAY Action-RTS / Dota genre game from S2 Games.
FREE to PLAY HoN is limited to the SouthEast Asian region.

If you're looking for Garena HoN beta keys, you can try the HoN Philippines page on Facebook.

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