Dota 2 in the Philippines

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Dota, one of the biggest hits in Philippine gaming history will be remade.

Say Goodbye Starcraft 2! Hello Dota 2!

Morphling (DotA) saying bye bye to the Warcraft 3 engine.

The Dota based game genre is currently one of the most explosive genres to emerge in recent memory.

Quality games like Heroes of Newerth were made and fail games like Demi-god and League of Legends were done but DotA 2 is the impending king of the genre named after itself.

According to NeutralCreeps, DotA 2 will be developed by Icefrog (yes, that Icefrog)
And everything will be more or less the same with the original Defense of the Ancients.

Game Comparison: DotA 2 will be like Heroes of Newerth without the S2 originals.

Once this game is out, I'm sure it will attract millions of players to get Steam.
Successful mods converted to successful full-fledged games only come once in a while.
The last game to enjoy such super success was another Valve title... Counter-Strike.

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Dota 2 will crush all those games in the Dota genre!

Posted on October 21, 2010 at 1:11 PM  

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