Iron Man 2 Visual Effects

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It's no secret that IronMan is one of my favorite superhero movies of all time.
(I prefer the 1st IronMan movie.)

Iron Man as TIME's Person of the Year (Main Title Sequence)

And one thing that makes the movie so appealing is the visual effects in the film.
What better way to appreciate the VFX than watching the Iron Man 2 VFX Montage.

Credits to:
*Prologue Films - the people behind the Ironman VFX.

Additional notes by Skiverz:
*Look at 1:20 - a news stream about the Philippines is displayed.

*You can download this montage in .mp4 format by right clicking the link below:
IronMan 2 Prologue Montage Video
-Right click then select Save as...

*If you want to watch the whole film, you can have the IronMan 2 DVD shipped to your home.

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