Garena AFK maps

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Garena AFK maps

Let's face it. They don't really give as much EXP as you'd hope.
The secret to level up in our clan is a map called Fufu Ninja
You can download it at

It's better than AFK maps since Fufu Ninja has more exp than the Afk maps.
Plus if you're bored with AFKing, you can join the fun by playing the map.
It does not lag too.

So to all those playing AFK maps, stop doing it.
It does not give huge exp. If you want EXP - play Fufu Ninja

Search Google.

Sources: Our experiences and by the people who have level 40 accounts or higher

Fufu Ninja - the ultimate Garena AFK EXP map
Click on the Panda if you're not convinced.

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