High School Musical 3 Movie Review

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I watched Disney's HSM 3 ( High School Musical 3 : Senior Year ) together with my girlfriend a few hours ago for 4 dollars a pop. Skiverz will now teach you how to give SPOILERS to those who haven't watched the movie.

It has a movie rating of: General Audiences which means even kids can watch it.

Spoiler alert:

Troy (played by Zac Efron) and the rest of the cast are back for their senior year and everything goes smoothly.

The East High Wildcats win their second championship in a row thanks to the Rocket (played by Matt Prokop) who resembles a schoolmate of mine. lol

*Fact you'll discover: Ryan Evans (played by Lucas Grabeel) is actually the East High mascot. lol

Well... I won't give anymore spoilers. Those were just teaser spoilers.
Vanessa Hudgens still looks cute playing Gabriella Montez. (though I keep remembering the pics that circulated around the net a few months back) hehe...

P.S. I was only forced to watch the movie thanks to my girlfriend who's into this stuff.

Best catchy song: I dunno the title but it's the part where Efron and his basketball buddy sing in the junkyard. It goes like this.. "The Boys are back!."
Real cool parkour-like moves...

And yeah, my girlfriend quickly bought an authentic HSM 3 soundtrack right after that.
It cost roughly USD 12 at the mall. (Outside US)

And to appease me (she knows I don't usually like watching those types of movies), she bought me an early dinner at McDonalds which sadly ran out of caramel sundae. Grr...
(Question: Which do you prefer? Hot Fudge or Caramel?)

By the way, I think the most logical explanation why the peeps in the movie act that way (dancing and singing all of a sudden, hallucinations, tremors-graduation scene) is because they are all having the side effects of illegal drugs. hehe...

I recommend this movie to: all those HSM fans and those who like watching Bollywood movies
Grr... The Boys are Back song is stuck on my head.

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